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Water Main Break

Jun 16, 2021
On Wednesday, June 16th, there was a water main break within the project limits on Court Street near Lafayette Street. The Contractor and the City of Flint Water Department mobilized to the area immediately to close off the street and make the necessary repairs. The water main break caused damage to the newly repaved road, curb, and gutter, and restoration that will be addressed by the Contractor immediately. Spalding DeDecker's role, being employed directly by the City, is to collect project information in accordance with State and Federal regulations as well as manage pay estimates and contract modifications.  If the Contractor does not perform their tasks or provide an end-product that meets the stipulations of the contract they will not receive compensation.  In the case of defects, such as water main breaks, the Contractor is required to make repairs to the utility as well as any affected elements (roadway, curb, and gutter, driveways, etc) at their own expense. The City of Flint and Spalding DeDecker are committed to ensuring that this project is completed to the standard required in the contract at the contract price.  As we work with the Contractor through these repairs there will regrettably be additional disruption, but we will work with all parties to expedite the process and to minimize inconvenience as much as possible. For more information, please contact us directly at
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