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Video Update | See You In The Spring!

Jan 20, 2021

See You In The Spring // East Court St. Rehabilitation from Spalding DeDecker on Vimeo.

Work on Phase 1 will continue next spring. The contractor will place the top and final layer of pavement on Court street west of Dort Highway. After the top layer of asphalt is placed, the contractor will install permanent pavement markings and signs. They will also add or replace any necessary sidewalks, ramps, and curbs. Phase 2 work will also begin in the spring, which includes work on Court St., east of Dort Hwy. Phase 2 is expected to be done next fall.
We have received comments about some of the sidewalk crossings not being replaced. Due to pedestrian safety and ADA regulations, the City has adopted a policy on roads similar to Court St. to place sidewalk crossings only at intersections with a four-way stop or traffic signal. These crossings were installed per the approved design that we received in the contract. However, we are aware that there are some pedestrian crossings that are near traffic signals that may be added and we are in discussions with the City to see if this is a possibility. If the City approves, the additional pedestrian crossings near traffic signals will be added next spring.
We are aware that there are some manhole structures in the road that are high (above the current layer of pavement). Most of the manholes along Court Street have been temporarily lowered until the top layer of pavement is placed. However, there are a few manholes and valve box structures that could not physically be lowered. There are also some structures the City needs access to and could not be adjusted. Until the top layer of pavement is placed, the contractor has placed cold patch around these high structures to protect them from traffic and snow removal services. Once the top layer of pavement is installed, these structures will be flush with the top of pavement.
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