The Industrial/Heavy Civil market includes automotive companies and suppliers, defense manufacturers, developers, and energy producers. The companies that operate in this market are giants: huge, complex structures that are the engines of manufacturing and core industrial processes. The market is driven by volume and precision and relies on steadfast approach to quality, schedule, and cost. Accuracy is key – and cannot be sacrificed – as there is little room for error and little allowance provided for variations in spacing. The type and scale of construction in this market demand specialized techniques.  Click here for more detail.

Our Scope

Our team is heavily weighted in the skill and expertise required in this market. Providing layout for installing process line support steel in existing facilities, setting control for process for assembly lines, layout for piles, footings and piers, anchor bolts for new construction – these are among a long list of services that Spalding DeDecker offers. Survey layout for industrial facilities is one of our our hallmarks. Our team has provided Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler, DTE Energy, BMW, BASF, Compuware, and many others direct measures of success.

Core strengths in the Industrial market:

  • Crane Rail Surveys
  • Anchor-Bolt and Steel Erection Surveys
  • Coal Volume Surveys
  • Verification and As-Built Surveys
  • Column Line Layout
  • Site Analysis and Evaluation
  • Site Due Diligence Studies

How can minimizing millimeters save millions of dollars?

Heavy equipment and huge buildings do not mean there is a lot extra space. In fact, tight tolerances for measurements are more critical in this arena. If it doesn’t line up, production stops along with profits. Our team is one of only a few in this market that can provide critical skill on such large-scale construction projects. We know that steel needs to line up on many levels and in many directions to adequately support structures.