The Special Projects market is just that – unique projects that Spalding DeDecker has the expertise to serve that might not fit snugly into the other markets or might overlap one or more markets. Building purpose and technology needs are always evolving and being adapted. This market presents a unique opportunity for innovation and exploration.

Our Scope

Frank DeDecker and Vernon Spalding knew that engineering was based on sound mathematical principles, with rules and measurement. They also knew that those tools could and would eventually be used to create things they never imagined could be built back in 1954. Spalding DeDecker has worked on a variety of special projects, including service and utility tunnels, commuter rail projects, and alternative roadway design. Out in the field, in the office, on a CAD program, and especially working with our clients provide us with the chance to rise to new challenges. Innovation is our specialty.

How do I know if my project is a ‘special project’ or whether it fits into a more defined market area?

If the project fits in a traditionally defined market, Spalding DeDecker has the expertise to handle it. And if you cannot decide where a project fits, we still have the expertise to handle it. No company can tout they have an immediate answer to every project hurdle. Not even us. But we have the experience, the confidence, and the expertise to figure it out. We’ve been doing that for the past 60 years.