The Transportation market is a race against time. Aging surfaces, older bridges, and limited resources are challenged by new technologies, changing demographics, and plans for future expansion. Lifestyle changes are driving changes in mobility patterns and are advocating more routes and options for transit. Moving people and goods from point A to B will always require having contact with the pavement.

Our Scope

Our team has a depth of experience serving this market, surveying and designing all forms of transportation, including roads, railways, and aviation. Our work includes preliminary design surveys as well as construction layout and as-built measurements. Spalding DeDecker has provided design and traffic control plans for hundreds of miles of roads and bridges. We are an MDOT Prequalified Service Vendor. Our experience and innovation in road and traffic engineering enable design to be completed within budget and on schedule.

Core strengths in the Transportation market:

  • Complex Urban Freeway Design
  • Hydraulic Surveys
  • Maintaining Traffic Plans and Provisions
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Pavement Marking Plans
  • Portland Cement Concrete Inspection and Testing
  • Road Construction Engineering
  • Road Design Surveys
  • Roadway Rehabilitation & Rural Freeways
  • Safety Studies
  • Structure Surveys
  • Traffic & Safety Inspection Services

How can you predict the success of a transportation project?

You can’t predict future success, but you can engineer it. Spalding DeDecker assigns a Quality Management System (QMS) representative to oversee the progress of each transportation project. Our QMS representative will periodically review the project’s scope, design schedule, and constructability. These reviews promote quality assurance, resulting in highly efficient projects for our clients. We remove the roadblocks, so projects have a smoother ride.