Canton Township Road Program

Canton Township was faced with the same challenges as many Michigan communities, deteriorating roads conditions that upset daily commuters. Canton Township passed a millage to fund reconstruction and improvements to its roads.

Spalding DeDecker performed a detailed pavement assessment of Canton Township’s roads using the PASER rating system. Using this data along with field observations and resident concerns, five roads and 17 subdivision’s roads were chosen for rehabilitation. The Spalding DeDecker team designed a subdivision program and implementation, ADA upgrades, and storm sewer/ drainage upgrades.

The Challenge
Since each subdivision has its own budget and unique conditions, SD professionals had to determine the most cost-effective repairs for each one. Maintaining access for residents, providing adequate drainage during construction, and safety concerns for pedestrians were major factors during the planning and design stages of the project. Everyday activities, such as mail delivery and trash pick-up, can result in turning the corner into oncoming traffic or construction debris. SD project managers always kept the residents and HOA’s informed of the construction process.

The Solution
The SD Team always made sure residents were in the know. Technicians passed out flyers door to door and answered any questions Canton Township’s residents had. SD Engineers worked with the Township to make sure roads were repaired in large areas instead of patches to ensure a longer longevity to the roads.