The Pre-K through Higher Education market offers robust challenges. Schools share a common purpose, yet their needs, funding, and processes can be profoundly different. Knowledge of a school’s design and construction standards, along with its infrastructure and administration are at the top of a project checklist. Different areas within a university – such as medical facilities, technical labs, or sports facilities – can add layers of complexity and required approvals.

Our Scope

Spalding DeDecker has a great report card working with K-12 schools and universities – notably the University of Michigan and Oakland University. We have done our homework. Efficient design and planning lead to better operations and reduced maintenance costs. Many local schools have Spalding DeDecker on their honor roll.

Core strengths in the Education Market:

  • Landscape Master Planning
  • Recreational and Park Planning
  • Pavement Management
  • ADA Compliance
  • Site Design for LEED Projects
  • Wetlands Delineation Mapping
  • Traffic Studies/Access Management
  • Site Selection Studies/Analysis
  • Site Due Diligence Studies
  • Project Engineering and Inspection
  • Water/Sanitary Sewer/Storm Sewer Design and Management
  • Streetscape and Urban Improvement Planning
  • Surveying

How does the outside of a school impact the quality of education inside?

First impressions matter. Designing a space that is both safe and sensory outside helps create the right mindset going inside. A calm, focused mind is open to learning.