Sports Facilities are more than just spaces for athletic activities. They can become a focal point in the community, establish tradition, and portray an image of health and vitality. These facilities have special needs. Floors need to be flat so balls can bounce. Large expanses of space for basketball courts and swimming pools need to be supported without intrusive columns. Overhead tracks need to be steady and secure. The site design and planning of these facilities is no easy game, yet a prudent approach can score big in the final product.

Our Scope

Spalding DeDecker supports the home team in this market – wherever our clients call home. The design and construction process for these types of facilities involve flat concrete surfaces and tight tolerances on flooring. Our expertise in construction layout, design, site planning, and surveying cover all the bases in these special purpose facilities. Having experience and understanding of the special features of these projects results in anticipating issues, providing solutions, and keeping the ball rolling.

Core strengths in the Sports Facilities market:

  • Construction Layout
  • ADA Compliance
  • Construction Inspection
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Site Planning
  • Site Investigation and Assessment
  • Pavement Management
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Coordination with Public Agencies
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Material Quality and Control Supervision
  • Progress Meeting Facilitation

How is infrastructure design like playing football?

Successful teams know that winning games requires a bench full of talent, as well as field support. The guys that carry the water are part of the team’s overall success (and they should get a championship ring, too). Smart infrastructure design and planning ensures consistent surfaces, precise measurements, and on-time scheduling. Support from this field of experts helps the overall project team get to the end result. Except in this case, everybody wins.