University of Michigan Sports Facilities

Spalding DeDecker Associates, Inc. (SD) has completed several recent projects at the University of Michigan (U-M) in Ann Arbor.

Wrestling Facility Water Main

SD completed utility design for new water main extension to serve the new Wrestling Facility. The project required extensive coordination and permitting with the City of Ann Arbor, as well as interaction with OSEH and permitting by the MDEQ for the drain crossing on the property.

Soccer Spectator and Team Facilities

SD completed site design for new soccer stadium. The project included utility extensions to serve the new facilities, as well as stormwater management measures meeting U-M’s OSEH standards and the standards of the City of Ann Arbor. 

Crisler Arena Player Development Center

SD completed design for site improvements associated with the addition to Crisler Arena. The project involved extensive impacts to existing parking areas and utility infrastructure on the site, as well as requirements to meet U-M’s OSEH standards for stormwater management. 

Crisler Arena Expansion & Renovations – Phase 1

SD assisted the design team in choosing a location for a new fire service line and coordinated new underground utilities using trenchless technologies. 

Crisler Arena Expansion & Renovations – Phase 2

SD assisted with determining strategies to accommodate additional stormwater run-off in accordance with new U-M OSEH requirements, as well as complex elevation issues to match into existing grades with minimal disruption.