Spalding DeDecker understands that commerce fuels communities. Fully understanding the constraints of a piece of property before it is purchased can save money. Commercial projects require a flexible approach; things can and do happen. Timely site preparation lays the groundwork for timely tenant occupancy. Successful projects are ones that maximize value for the owner while minimizing risks.

Our Scope

Our team skillfully navigates through the design and planning process. We work through tough conditions and tough situations. Knowing how to communicate with the appropriate party results in more progress and less delays.

Core strengths in the Commercial/Retail Market:

  • Floodplain – Investigation/Analysis/Design
  • Grading/Paving Design
  • Site Assessment
  • Site Engineering and Planning
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Wetland Assessments
  • Surveying

How does land development relate to a retail ROI?

Focusing on construction, tenant income, and financing is, of course, critically important to ROI. However, a prudent approach to engineering will ultimately help to ensure that ROI is on target. Wetlands, floodplains, and utility grading issues can significantly impact the cost of a project. Investing in quality design from below-the-ground-up helps a project stay on track and within budget.