Target Store

Spalding DeDecker (SD) provided surveying services for a fast-track project with an aggressive timeline. SDA was responsible for construction staking for all the site improvements at the Target store located in Bloomfield Township. Improvements included water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, building caissons, earthwork, paving, flatwork, site lighting, retaining walls, screen walls, and adjacent highway improvements.

This site was unique in several ways. Because of limited real estate in this area, the store had parking designed underneath the building which required that the paving meet close tolerances for emergency vehicles traveling through the parking lot in the event of a fire.

This project also required staking for 1,200 linear feet of a retaining wall up to 30 feet in height. The wall had a unique bump-out in it to allow for the vertical construction of the building.

The site had more than 2,000 linear feet of a new screen wall that had prefabricated stone-faced panels. Because the panels were prefabricated, SD provided Sdetailed staking for mini-caissons that held the panel support posts. There were approximately 150 of these mini-caissons to stake that had a one-inch tolerance in order for the panels to fit properly.