2021 Concrete Road Program #2

The project
SD provided full time inspection and construction engineering services. The scope of work included the removal and replacement of 18,400 square yards existing 8-inch concrete over 6-inch aggregate base, as well as 2,950 square yards of concrete driveways removed and replaced.

Additionally, 11,800 linear feet of edge drain under the back of curb was installed. Locations included: Thornridge Court, Kirkton Court, Whitney & Arlington Drive, Hidden Lane, Crestline Lane, Lexington Drive, Ternbury Drive, Slade Court and Daylilly Drive.

The Challenge
It typically takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to complete both sides of the road and driveways. This greatly limits the residents’ access to their neighborhood. All vehicles must be removed from driveways prior to construction; driveways are inaccessible for about 3 weeks. This challenge makes safety and communication especially important in this type of project. The project shareholders must plan and coordinate with one another with utmost care and consideration to clear communication to the residents and property owners withing the limits of construction.

The Solution
SD worked closely with the City of Rochester Hills and the contractor to ensure that a communication plan was set in place before construction began. Once the project began, SD continued to inform the community on the progress of construction in their area.

The Impact
With cooperation between all the involved parties, the project was completed within budget and in a timely manner. SD’s effort to ensure clear communication and transparency to the surrounding community laid the foundation for the successful and safe project completion.