M-1 Rail

The M-1 Rail is a 3.3-mile circulating streetcar along Woodward Avenue between Congress Street and West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan. The project is a public-private partnership and model for regional collaboration. It is the first major transit project being led and funded by private businesses and philanthropic organizations in partnership with local government, the State of Michigan, and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Spalding DeDecker (SD) was chosen to provide the following Scope of Services:
–  Construction Layout of the Rail and Amenities
–  Construction Layout for the “Early Works” Utility Relocation Package

The Challenge
The M-1 project is the starting point for a modern, world-class transit system where all forms of transportation will be networked, resulting in a vibrant downtown Detroit. The complexities of such a huge project make coordination from the ‘ground up’ a key component for success. Technical expertise and an ability to work among many different contractors is required.

The Solution
Spalding DeDecker knows how communities grow – we’ve been here since 1954. Here’s where SD experts made the difference: they were able to review hundreds of CAD files and project documents that helped the project not only get up to speed, but maintain momentum. “SD had to stay one step ahead of the contractors in order for the project to stay on schedule,” says Mike DeDecker, project manager. Coordination of grading, utilities, and track layout were critical to ensure accuracy.

The Impact
With so many contractors and so much at stake, mistakes can be made, and they can be costly. SD was brought in to correct previous issues that could have potentially de-railed M-1.