14 Mile Rehabilitation

Royal Oak is a thriving, welcoming, walkable community that serves as a meeting place for all.  The City of Royal Oak prepared plans to rehabilitate 14 Mile Road from Greenfield Road to Crooks Road.  This stretch of 14 Mile Road through Birmingham and Royal Oak is a major through route for commuters, and this area of construction experiences significant vehicular traffic, as well as pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

The project consisted of approximately 1.92 miles of cold milling HMA and concrete pavement and base repair, HMA resurfacing with curb and gutter removal and replacement, sidewalk removal and replacement, ADA sidewalk ramp improvements, construction of a new pedestrian crossing island, construction of new impact attenuators, permanent pavement markings, and restoration of yards and landscaping.  The project also included adjustment of drainage structures.

The Challenge

With thousands of residences off of this road and crosswalks at the intersections of Woodward Avenue and Coolidge Highway, this project impacted many people and businesses.  Large summer events such as the Woodward Dream Cruise, Arts/Beats/Eats, and local art fairs created daunting logistics.  Spalding DeDecker was prepared to manage the challenge.  Coordination and communication were priorities during the project.

Our Services

Spalding DeDecker provided full-time construction contract administration and construction engineering to ensure the road was constructed properly.  The construction technicians paid close attention to user safety and made adjustments in the design where field observations revealed unsafe vehicular traffic in close proximity to the trail.  

The Solution

The project was located in a predominantly residential area with some commercial, religious, and public institutions located throughout the site.  As a result, the key to successful completion of this project, with minimal impact to the surrounding public, was communication.  Part of our past success on similar projects has been due to our commitment to communicating with the public in a variety of ways.  Our team also provided weekly status reports to the City of Royal Oak.