Andover Woods Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining

As part of the as-needed engineering services contract with the City of Rochester Hills, Spalding DeDecker’s (SD) Construction Engineering team worked with the developer to install new utilities including 818 linear feet of 8-inch PVC truss pipe and 348 linear-feet of 6-inch SDA-26 PVC Pipe sanitary main, along with sanitary service leads. During inspection, our team worked with a sewer video consultant to video record the pipes. After viewing the footage, SD’s professionals realized that much of the pipes were damaged and/or installed improperly and sewage was leaking into the ground.

SD provided full-time construction observation and consultation daily for the duration of site construction.

Repairing underground pipes is no easy task. A quarter of the pipes were so damaged that they had to be completely replaced. Some of the pipes were under curb and gutter and needed to be repaired without disturbing the aggregate road base.

CIPP pipe-liner was used to seal the mainline and other selected service leads where the concrete curb and gutter existed. This method prevented any disturbance to the partially constructed road. In the area where road construction had not begun, the developer opted to have the contractor remove and replace the sanitary sewer.

The pipes were fixed and replaced in an optimal condition at no additional cost to the City. The City of Rochester Hills and Oakland County WRC accepted the utilities and the developer was granted permission to begin building.