Cadieux Rd Reconstruction (From Kercheval to Mack)

The City of Grosse Pointe Park prepared plans to resurface Cadieux from Mack Avenue to Kercheval Road. This stretch of Cadieux Road is a major through route for commuters and experiences significant vehicular traffic, pedestrian, and cyclist traffic due to the elementary school and businesses nearby.

The project consisted of 0.56 mi of hot mix asphalt cold milling and resurfacing, concrete base course patching, full depth pavement repair, curb, gutter, sidewalk and ramps, signing, drainage, landscaping and pavement markings on Cadieux Road.

The project included 0.48 miles of Composite (concrete base/HMA wearing course), which was milled 3.5 inches deep, the concrete base was repaired, and the 3.5 inches of HMA was overlaid. It also included upgrading non-compliant sidewalk ramps at intersections, pavement markings and maintenance of traffic along Cadieux Rd. The road was constructed in accordance with the project plans along with MDOT’s standards and specifications.

The Challenge

With dozens of residences off of this road and crosswalks along the way, this project will affect the lives of many people. The contract was awarded a few days before the school year was scheduled to start, so it was important to modify the project schedule and complete the sidewalk removal and replacement in front of the school first.  The contractor ensured students could safely cross the road and walk to school when school began, and that all construction equipment was removed from the immediate vicinity of the school.

The Solution

Spalding DeDecker’s Project Manager, Ghassion Dahoui, PE worked with the contractor to move progress along and complete the project on a tighter schedule.