CIPP Lining and Country Acres Pump Station

Spalding DeDecker provided plans, bid documentation, and construction services for the Township’s annual sanitary sewer rehabilitation capital improvement project. The project included six segments of rehabilitation ranging from 12-inch to 24-inch diameter, and mainly revolved around resin-impregnated lining with optional cure method (ultra-violet, steam, and water). SD reviewed the existing CCTV videos and determined that one of the segments of sanitary sewer was not properly flowing and had more extensive damage than a traditional lining would be able to handle. SD put together a design to minimize impact while replacing the sanitary sewer in-kind.

In addition to the CIPP lining, SD also provided construction plans, bid documentation, and construction services for the Township’s sanitary sewer pump station rehabilitation which included a pump replacement, bypass piping replacement and re-configuration, driveway and drainage improvements, an roof and exhaust replacement. SD’s in-house expertise includes operation and maintenance expertise, which allowed us to identify rehabilitation opportunities for the existing on-site generator rather than a full replacement as was scheduled by the Township resulting in project savings.

The Challenge
Maintain flexibility for scheduling on the CIPP and reduce cost while maximizing operational efficiencies and minimizing cost on the pump station rehabilitation.

The Solution
SD wrote a construction staging plan that allowed for flexible start date, but mandated a number of weeks for completion once construction started. That method has been utilized by SD often in the past to provide contractor flexibility, which in turn reduces cost but doesn’t negatively impact the municipality.