East Court Street Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of Court Street is one of many projects in the city that has the attention of various stakeholders. The project includes approximately 2.14 miles of cold milling HMA and concrete, pavement and base repair, HMA resurfacing, curb and gutter removal and replacement, sidewalk removal and replacement, ADA sidewalk ramps improvements, permanent pavement markings, and restoration of yards and landscaping. It also includes adjustment of drainage structures, and new water main construction.

The Challenge
During construction, SD identified that the existing storm sewer catch basin leads and some of the mainline were in poor condition. SD recognized the need to rehabilitate those sewers to keep the City’s investment in Court Street sound. SD communicated directly with MDOT and the MPO regarding funding availability, and identified Pro-Rata funding; this allowed an uncapped project total.

SD recognized that taking additional funds from the MPO fund would potentially hurt other projects. Thus, SD reallocated $300,000 from the Robert T. Longway (another SD design project) resurfacing project to the Court Street project. The plan was completed while the Contractor was still working on the water main, and change orders were processed without any delays.

The Solution
The Court Street location is a predominantly residential zone with a major college campus on the road, some commercial, religious, and public institutions located throughout the site. As a result, communication was key to the successful completion of the project and minimal interruption to the community. Part of our success with similar projects has been due to our commitment to communicating with the public through various mediums, including web page, social media, email and print.