EMU Pavement Management

NP12055WP1Spalding DeDecker (SD) developed a campus-wide pavement management program, which included pavement inventory and evaluation, for the Eastern Michigan University (EMU) campus. EMU desired to determine their current maintenance plan deficiencies; determine where to focus repairs; and determine how much money to budget for the plan.

SD’s role:

  • Performed a campus-wide pavement assessment
  • Utilized proven techniques to prioritize problem areas
  • Provided cost estimates anticipated for annual maintenance
  • Developed a long-term pavement management program

The project consisted of on-site inspection and documentation of the PASER ratings for all campus pavement; utilizing pavement management software to input inventory information and analyze data; creating a 10-year repair plan program; and developing the pavement management report.

The pavement management program included the following:

  • Condition Assessment
  • Long-Range Repair Plans
  • Condition Tracking
  • Backlog Tracking