Grosse Pointe South High School Roof Consulting

Spalding DeDecker’s Scope of Service includes:

Roof Evaluation, Design, and Bid Meetings:

  • Roof Assessment to determine the existing condition of the 2 roof areas known as areas L & M (as shown on the attached diagram). The Assessment includes roofing, flashings, details, penetration, and roof condition analysis. A core cut was made to determine the existing roof assembly, insulation, and deck.
  • Design documents for bidding contractors and participate in a roof review meeting to discuss all design, technical, and project related issues.
  • Conduct a pre-bid roofing conference to clarify the specifications and drawings to the bidding Contractors.
  • Conduct a pre-construction conference between all project participants to discuss all aspects of the project. Project requirements, material storage, application procedures, work schedules, and quality control requirements will be reviewed.

Quality Control Inspections:

  • Review of existing documentation, including manufacturer’s specifications, project documents, and related information.
  • Provide on-site inspections of all related work including determination of deck repair/replacement.
  • Provide project management services and act as a liaison between the Owner and Contractor. Conduct progress meetings with the Owner and Contractor to discuss project progress and daily work areas.
  • Prepare a punch list and complete a final inspection at the completion of the project.