Hilebrandt Drain

Spalding DeDecker was hired by the Macomb County Public Works Office to assess and repair a more than 50-year-old stormwater pump station that provides drainage for more than 330 acres of subdivision in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The Hildebrandt pump station is composed of two storm pumps housed within a concrete wet well. These pumps lift stormwater more than 20 feet to allow the stormwater system to drain by gravity into the downstream system. The wet well and the pumps had reached the end of their expected service life, and therefore, needed to be either refurbished or replaced. Spalding DeDecker’s investigation found that the cost of a replacement or refurbishment was relatively small. Maintaining the function of this pump station prevents a major flood event of a large residential development. The system was also upgraded with a modern SCADA system which allows Macomb County staff to remotely monitor the status and performance of the Hildebrandt pump station.

The Challenge
The Hildebrandt pump station is located in a small corner of its property. Space limitations required an additional level of planning and design to reduce the possibility of outside impacts.

The Solution
The site design was adjusted to position each item of the design (wet well, pumps, internal piping, electrical transformer, SCADA cabinet, and support piping) so maintenance staff could easily access the site and perform their duties. The design also considered the excavation depth and necessary side slopes needed to place the new pump station.

The Impact
Spalding DeDecker was able to design the project and lead the project through bidding and construction phases. The project also incorporated a line of flowering trees and a decorative fence as part of a city beautification effort. Coincidentally, in the days immediately following the completion of construction, a 10- to 25-year storm event moved through the area. The system performed perfectly and gave the entire project an immediate real-world test.