M-52 Resurfacing

The project consisted of applying a single course mill and resurface to approximately two miles of M-52. This included travel lanes and turning lanes and reconstructing sidewalk ramps. This project is located in the City of Chelsea and Sylvan Township, Washtenaw County.

The Challenge
M-52 is a heavily traveled 2-lane arterial running through the heart of downtown Chelsea. With no good detour around the City, traffic control through the City was a consistent challenge. Additionally, the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan in the contract proposal had many time restrictions which would ultimately extend the life of the project.

Heavy pedestrian traffic was also a large concern with the amount of sidewalk ramps being reconstructed to meet ADA compliance. The City mandated that only one quadrant of each intersection would be allowed to be worked on at a time. This would drastically increase the amount of time on the project and further impact the time of the lane closures.

The Solution
SD worked closely with the City of Chelsea and MDOT to maintain the traffic that met the needs for the community. SD met with the City, MDOT, and Contractor after the job was awarded to provide a modified MOT Plan to meet the City, MDOT, and the Contractor’s needs.

The Impact
With SD’s traffic control plan, the Contractor had more time to work on the project. The project was completed in a timely manner, thus creating less impact to the traffic overall.