Madison Ave (Franklin to Wealthy)

Madison road project was an MDOT 3R project that included rotomill and overlay with partial replacement of water main and water services as well as a partial replacement of the combined sewer for future connection to a separated storm system and sanitary sewer.

This project was expedited by the City and thus Spalding DeDecker had a very short time frame to complete the plans and the parking analysis. Adding the sewer separation later in the project created additional pressure on SD’s efficiency. SD had less than four month to provide all necessary preliminary and final plans. In addition, all on street parking would need to be removed in order to accommodate the bike lanes the City anticipated to add. SD needed a timely analysis to know if bike lane addition was practical.

Initial plans to add bike lanes were halted due to the results of a parking analysis SD conducted. The study indicated that parking utilization ranged from 23% to 47% and therefore removing on street parking for bike lane installation would not be advantageous. SD provided final design plans which included water main replacement, rotomill and resurfacing with current on street parking in mind.

Despite Madison designation as Network Residential with a Mode Emphasis as Bicycle Commuter, the road segment was not suitable for bike lanes. SD’s parking study was a crucial element in the street design and prompted to designate another street for bike commuting improvements.