New Haven Water Main Extension

Spalding DeDecker (SD) designed, prepared contract documents, and performed the construction contract administration for the extension of 10,800 ft of 12” and 16” ductile iron and 20” HDPE transmission water main utilizing open-cut and directional drilling construction methods. The water main was extended along 25 Mile Road, Card Road, and 26 Mile Road and was prompted by the need to serve a newly constructed elementary school.

Due to the rural nature of the area and limited right-of-way it was necessary for SD to prepare and assist in obtaining easements from private property owners along the entire length of the water main construction. Easement negotiations required that special provisions be made as part of the construction documents including altering an electrified livestock fence and special care to protect agricultural crops during construction.

Special Features

In addition to the need to address specific requirements of farming operations it was also necessary to address environmental concerns including the crossing of the North Branch of the Clinton River and approximately 1600 ft of wetland areas. By utilizing directional drilling methods in these areas, it was possible to minimize environmental impacts and to reduce the need for costly wetland restoration.


The project required extensive coordination with the property owners to protect farming and grazing needs as well as coordination with the Macomb County Department of Roads. On-site meetings were held with the Macomb Township Fire Department to determine final location of fire hydrants for access given the rural location of the water main as well as with the school developers for final connection.