Schaefer Rd (Rouge River to Butler) Resurfacing

The City of Dearborn prepared plans to resurface 4,265-lineal-foot portion of Schaefer Road from Rouge River to Butler Road.  The project included, cold milling of the existing bituminous surface pavement, pavement joint repairs, placement of two layers of HMA, concrete curb repairs, drainage structure adjustments/repairs/cleaning, pavement markings, and maintaining Work Zone Traffic.

 The Challenge

This stretch of Schaefer Road is through an industrial area and is a major route for commuters and those traveling to the Ford Rouge River Plant.  With a large number of semi-trucks using this road as a pass-through, this project affected the daily driving route for many.  Additionally, the site provided very tight space for truck movement during stage I.

 The Solution

Our team has extensive experience working on projects that impact the public in a variety of ways. Detouring traffic was ideal for reducing staging time and expedited the completion of the project with no traffic incidents.