South Campbell Road Resurfacing

City of Royal Oak planned to resurface South Campbell Road from 10 Mile Road to 11 Mile Road. The work was financed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the City of Royal Oak and was bid through the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

The Challenge
The city is home to a variety of community events including several large events at the zoo, fundraising walks, art fairs, the Woodward Dream Cruise, and Arts, Beats & Eats, to name a few. Construction will need to be coordinated during these events so as to not interfere with their operations.

The Solution
SD has performed construction engineering services on many similarly funded projects and understood the laws and regulations that applied to this contract. A key factor in the project was safety for both road workers and motorists traveling the route during construction. Since this project was in an area of both residential and commercial properties SD worked to communicate every step of the process to residents.

Weekly updates were provided to the City so they could update their website and social media feeds with the latest status. Additionally, fliers were passed out to the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses to notify them of the status and upcoming traffic shifts.

SD placed a dedicated project manager on the construction site to ensure continuity and communication. Working closely with the contractors and the city the streets were kept open for major events, and the project was completed on schedule.