Waterford Non-Motorized System Inventory

Waterford Township has approximately 180 miles of non-motorized pathways throughout the Township. They currently do not have an inventory or assessment of the pathways. The Township has decided that a detailed inventory and condition assessment of the pathways is needed to determine a capital improvement plan for needed maintenance and to assess the need for future extensions.

Spalding DeDecker (SD) was chosen to provide the following Scope of Services:

  • Provide a complete inventory of the non-motorized pathways
  • Prepare a condition assessment of the pathways including pavement condition, ADA accessibility, and drainage issues
  • Prepare a report with a capital improvement plan

The Challenge
Performing the inventory and condition assessment in a cost effective manner, while meeting all of the Townships needs.

The Solution
Spalding DeDecker decided to step outside of the box and use a different approach to completing the work. We used a GPS enabled video camera attached to the front of a golf cart to inventory, and at the same time provide a means of evaluating the condition of the pathways. The video has imbedded GPS data that allows us to upload the data into the Township’s GIS database and is then accurately mapped. Once the video has been uploaded, an engineer provides a qualified pavement assessment while sitting at their desk. This has saved time and energy that is normally spent in the field conducting the inventory assessment. The Township will now have a video of the entire network that can be viewed from the office if the need arises.

The Impact
Spalding DeDecker was able to meet and exceed the Township’s requirements and needs while meeting the budget.