COBO Center – Media Wall

The final improvement on the $300 million COBO Center renovation is a 50’-high by 250’-wide glass structure (Media Wall) that will operate as a large advertising screen. Spalding DeDecker (SD) is responsible for the construction staking on all facets of this improvement.

Initially, we worked with Hardman Construction to establish the locations of the two super columns that will support this mammoth glass Media Wall. By establishing these locations, we were able to stake the location of the piling, column footings, and anchor bolts that were constructed by Hardman.

Once the foundations and anchor bolts were set, SD provided as-built drawings to the owner and architect prior to the steel erector (Midwest Steel) proceeding with their tasks.

SD worked with Midwest Steel to set and plumb the two super columns. Along with getting the columns plumb, we worked to verify that the distance between the two columns was correct.

Once the columns were in place, SD worked with Midwest Steel to erect the 50’-high by 250’-wide maze of steel webbing that will support the glass Media Wall. The wall itself is curved like a modern High Definition Television, which makes each point on the web radial to an imaginary point that is more than one mile away. This curved web required the steel erector to adjust each straight segment of steel to fit the curved shape of the structure. SD provided the measurements to make these adjustments as the steel was erected.