Northville Municipal Pavement Management System

Spalding DeDecker. (SD) provided detailed pavement evaluation and inventory of Northville’s approximately 25-mile-long roadway network.  The information obtained was used to develop a Municipal Pavement Management System, complete with multiple budget scenarios and a conceptual 10-year work plan to help the City determine appropriate funding levels.

Field Investigation

  • Visual inspection of pavements in accordance with the established PASER method
  • Data collection of varying distresses in multiple types of pavement
  • Evaluation of sidewalks, utilities, and curb & gutter to assist in future repair recommendations

Data Organization and Pavement Criteria

  • Created network containing more than 170 pavement segments based on Overall Condition Index (OCI), Repair Priority, Pavement Use, and Pavement Classification.
  • Developed unique deterioration curves to account for each type of pavement according to materials (asphalt, concrete, overlaid concrete) and thickness (standard or heavy duty).

Summary of Network

  • Provided detailed analysis of current network conditions based on obtained information

10-Year Work Plan Results and Recommendations

  • Implemented computer software analysis to provide conceptual 10-year work plan based on predicted annual expenditures
  • Output included Budget Summary, Budget Surplus, and Segment Repair Recommendations Reports
  • Additional analysis included Network Backlog and Work Plan Distribution
  • Alternate budget scenarios provided to help determine future expenditure requirements

Pavement Life

  • Typical extended service life gains for various pavement treatments
  • Overview of the costs and benefits associated with various preventive maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction repairs