8 Mile Pathway, Garfield to Beck Rd

The City of Novi was extending their non-motorized pathway system west on 8 Mile Road to connect to the State Park. The project included 3,110 feet of 8-foot-wide concrete pathway adjacent to a main road.

High levels of seasonal groundwater would cause pavement heaving during freeze/thaw cycles and needed to be addressed in the design. Geotechnical investigation confirmed the presence of seasonal ground water in areas adjacent to wetlands. In order to prevent pavement heaving, SD designed a cellular confinement grid that was placed below the pavement. The cells were filled with pea stone and wrapped in geotextile fabric. This allowed groundwater to move in and out of the cellular confinement layer without heaving the pavement cross-section above.

Because the pathway needed to be close to the existing road pavement, SD coordinated with the Road Commission of Oakland County, resulting in a 2-foot-wide colored concrete strip immediately adjacent to the back of curb keeping pathway users safely away from vehicular traffic.

Wetlands, high groundwater levels, and historic locations added to the challenge of the project. Today the pathway safely carries runners and cyclists to and from the park and surrounding community.