8 Mile Road Connector Pathway

Due to new development, the City of Novi needed to extend the 8 Mile Rd pathway, connecting new housing projects with the existing non-motorized pathway system.

A large section of the pathway was proposed across an undeveloped property that had a large berm running parallel to the road. There were existing utility poles in between the berm and the roadway.

Additionally, there were low lying areas along the pathway alignment which would require embankment and construction of low retaining walls. To minimize the budget for construction and maintenance, the use of retaining walls was limited.

To avoid the utility pole alignment, SD analyzed the effect of placing the proposed pathway into the berm, and grading accordingly. However, it was likely that the berm would not remain upon future development of the property. Also the cost of retaining walls supporting this berm would have been prohibitive

SD worked with the city and the local utility company to discuss pole location. It was determined that the pathway would best serve the community being placed close to the roadway.